Technical translation services of top-class information demands not only a thorough understanding of both the target and source languages but also a solid command of the target and source languages and also a thorough comprehension of the subject matter. 

So, poor technical translation services may result in failed equipment damage, operating system, wrong installation, or any other issue. Thus, the technical translation should be outsourced to a good qualified technical translator. 

Translation of legal documents Dubai can provide high-quality technical translation services for a variety of technical papers. Thanks to a strong track record in technical translation and a talented pool of technical translators and specialized technicians, we can provide: 

  • Users manuals 
  • EU statements of conformity 
  • Security reports 
  • Patent claims
  • Installation instructions 
  • Service guides 

Why are we Indispensable for you?

This is an exaggeration, but trust us when we say we are vital to you. This is due to the fact that we have a fantastic staff of technical translators from UAE such as Fujairah, Palm Islands, Ras al-Khaimah. They’re all from technology, science and engineering backgrounds, both professionally and academically. Furthermore, the following points are quite persuasive in support of the preceding claim.

  1. Relatively quick turnaround time
  2. A six-step assessment method for Quality Control
  3. An agreement of Confidentiality
  4. Reasonable and competitive prices
  5. A high response rate is expected
  6. You’ll have your own account manager
  7. Our diverse and extensive experience in a wide range of sectors

Have information about technical documents

A technical document is one that consists primarily of data and information. 

  • Scientific
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Information technology
  • Accounting 
  • Assembling and manufacturing are the five primary types of technical documentation. Moreover, the style of these publications is rather straightforward, and they are terminology-specific.

Scientific technical translation

The field of science is vast. Therefore, it encompasses scientific research data, specialized pharmaceutical data, and any other data that directly refers to the science in the context of work-study or educational documentation.

Scientific material occasionally utilizes particular naming laws in research that may not be relatable to a translator with no firm expertise in science. Further, it may also entail renaming words rather than just translation. So, it qualifies as a technical language due to its information complexity.

Engineering technical translation

Engineering is a difficult field that, while commonly listed in the science category, may only be useful to persons who have prior engineering experience. Moreover, a tool or an engineering activity may have distinct meanings in different languages. So, this type of translation is sometimes influenced by letter location.

Small letter changes may be difficult to comprehend unless one understands not just the language but also the meaning of the term.

Finance technical translation

Money is always a touchy subject, regardless of the technological environment. So, this is why any finance translation must be meticulous in its wording. However, this includes using the correct currency for each country and always knowing the exchange rates between currencies. Moreover, some financial and banking phrases may have diverse cultural connotations.

Information technology technical translation

Commerce has benefited greatly as a result of information technology. Similarly, going worldwide for any company today is as simple as having a functional website. So, IT experts from other nations, on the other hand, must be able to communicate with one another, especially when exchanging ideas or services. On such occasions, an IT technical translation team comes in helpful.

Manufacturing and assembling technical translation

Companies in the automotive and motor industries, as well as those in the machine and power industries, require specific translation attention. Therefore, this industry has technical terminology that may not have a direct translation name in another language, necessitating the need for someone who can put them in formats that international interested parties may understand.

What are the ways to acquire technical translation services?

There are four ways to get them which are as follows:

Make contact with technical translation companies.

Technical document translation services are handled by a team of experienced translators who have been specifically educated to handle technical information. Therefore, you can either engage an agency that specializes in the type of specialized translation you require, or you can hire an agency that employs a variety of writers.

Any problems with service delivery are reported to the client relations officer or the human resource management in this scenario rather than to a specific translator.

Use a competent employee

You might have an employee who is fluent in the language into which you want your material to be translated. In this instance, the employee can also work as a translator for the company, provided that he or she understands not only the technical material but also the company’s goods and services.

Make an appointment with a technical translator.

If you don’t want to hire a whole agency to find a translator, you can hire an independent translator for technical knowledge. Therefore, when you require short-term technical manual translation services, technical translators come in helpful. They’re also more adaptable and can collaborate more closely with your company.

Make use of a translation software

Finally, there are translation software programs that are specifically designed for a specific technical field for technical document translation services. This software is designed to detect common technical terms in scientific and technical translations and then translate them appropriately. This may be a more cost-effective choice if you want technical translation services of documents with consistent information.

How to Choose a Technical Translation Company?

Choosing the correct provider to handle all of your technical translation needs is crucial. So, this is because your company’s reputation in another country is based on your ability to interact with your target market.

Years of expertise in technical translation services is the most important element to consider while selecting a translation business. Even if there are deserving organizations who have not been in business for a long time, looking at their previous work will tell you if they are the correct fit for your company.

Then, of course, there’s the matter of your budget. Therefore, make sure you don’t go over budget and that you’re still getting a good job done. It’s critical to strike a balance between price and quality, as lower-cost technical translation services often mean worse quality.