Are you looking for a coaching program to help you learn and launch your own coaching business? There are many such courses out there that can equip you with coaching skills including Clients On Demand. In this review, we will tell you all about this course to help you decide if it is good for you. This review will talk about the following:

What Is Clients On Demand?

Clients On Demand review is a course that is designed to teach people how they can charge what they’re worth and still land high paying clients.

The goal of the course is to teach you how you can attract between 40 and 50 high paying clients every month and charge between $3,000 and $100,000 per person to offer digital solutions to their challenges.

Based on the course’s content, ideal clients are those who meet the following criteria:

  • Those who can afford what you are asking for without asking for a reduction or free service
  • Believe in your abilities as a coach.
  • Appreciate working with a coach for their time and ideas.

The other thing the course will teach you is how you can get new clients without having to hound people in real life. In other words, this course promises to teach you how to set up a brand that can draw in many clients each month without having to share business cards and attend networking events.

Who Is Its Founder?

The founder of this course is a Russ Ruffino, a renowned coach and instructor in the marketing sphere. What makes him interesting is his rags to riches story, which really inspires a lot of people.

He once bartended and had only $500 to his name before he launched Clients On Demand.

We found inspiration in what other people online had managed to achieve, and that drove him to use everything he had learnt over the years to come with this course. He left his job as a bartender and went into digital marketing full-time.

How Much Does The Clients On Demand Cost?

As is the case with many high-priced courses, they will want to you to schedule a session with them so that they can close you over the phone.

This is of course after have watched their introductory video and you have spoken to one of their phone coaches.

This is a clever move because their course price is pretty expensive and out of reach of most people.

It will cost you $10,000 to get started with them.

What Does The Clients On Demand Course Teach?

Clients On Demand Review

On thing you will notice is that the Clients On Demand course emphasizes a lot on fulfilling the demands of your client and zoning your audience. In the course with Aaron Chen, you will learn how to obtain audience characteristics. Most people don’t know how to go about this task. The common strategy out there is to seek all clients.

Often, the result is lost business opportunity because the audience is not targeted and driven to act. The course also lays a lot of emphasis on having the right mindset. The founder emphasizes that every person who is going into business has every tool at their disposal to ensure they can succeed.

However, what they lack, is the right mindset to convince themselves and clients that they can help them meet their goals. Another important thing you will learn in the course is how to improve your use of social media tools. The point here is that if you continue exploiting social media as you did years ago, your business will not progress.

Today, you have to be good at delivering video content, running ads, and supplementary content.

Can You Make Money With The Clients On Demand Course?

Yes it is possible.

Clients On Demand is an extensive training program on how to set up your own courses and sell them online. They have a strong team to support you as well which is rare in this business and nice to see.

The only draw back of this program is the price. Most people won’t be able to fork out 10k unfortunately.

And remember – that is just the price of the training. You will still need another $5-10k to get your business up and running.

So yeah, you need deep pockets for this one.

Clients On Demand Pros And Cons?


  • They provide impressive customer support to help you with creating webinars, running ads on Facebook and everything in between
  • Their blueprint for success is structured into 4 key steps – running ads on Facebook, driving leads, and winning clients over phone calls
  • Their course is well organized


  • Its price tag is incredibly high, which most people won’t be able to afford
  • Their sales call can be misleading as they tend to encourage people to signup using credit cards

Is The Course Legit Or Scam?

Clients On Demand is not a scam. The course is legit, but it’s definitely a premium program and only for a select group of people. There are other great product creation courses in the market for a lower price tag.

Final Thoughts

Clients On Demand is a great course, and can teach you the skills you need to become a business coach, trainer, expert, product seller – IF that’s the direction you want to go in.